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Monthly Archives: June 2012


I’ve been screaming this since last year, Erik Spoelstra is the reason why the Miami Heat did not beat the Mavs in the finals last year. If the Heat had a real coach that demanded respect, the Heat would have been working on their third championship this year. A real coach that runs different offensive plays for the talent that’s on his team. One who runs pick and rolls, double and triple screens, and isolation plays. One who knows when to put his shooters on the court, when to put his big man roster on the court. A real coach who’s not afraid to sit a star player down when they’re not performing or taking unnecessary three pointers or missing free throws. Spo is a great guy but the Heat needs a real head coach. This would have never happened to Phil Jackson or Jerry Sloan. ” Spo has to go ” is my new slogan !!!!

I’m Just Keepinit Real !!!!

Written By:
Myster Keepinit